Trailblazers Lead The Way

More farmers and landowners from across the United States are embracing renewable crops for biomass by turning their under-utilized or marginal land into a profit-maker.

Being out in front as a trailblazer means taking risks. As a reward for these trailblazers leading the way, we’re saying thanks to them and their communities in a tangible way.

That’s why we have introduced the AGgrow Tech Trailblazer Program.

Each grower or landowner who agrees to grow biomass crops for AGgrow Tech is eligible to nominate a worthy organization for our Trailblazers Program. The program is a way to invest in rural development projects in communities where our partners live. Each individual who commits acres to us can nominate a worthy project or organization to be considered for an award. Once the winning organization is selected, a check is presented  on behalf of AGgrow Tech and the person responsible for the nomination.

It’s one of the ways we deliver on our commitment to farmers, landowners and their local communities as we build the U.S. biomass industry from the ground up.

Interested in becoming a Trailblazer to help your community while you increase your land’s profitability?