AG Straw Mulch comes from the production of giant miscanthus, a high yielding perennial warm season grass that exhibits many environment benefits. This advanced straw provides many advantages above traditional garden or seeding mulches.


  • Mulch suppresses garden weeds. Weed seeds stay dormant and do notgerminate because of the lack of sunlight.

  • Mulching helps add organic matter to your garden. As the organic matter breaks down nutrients are released into the soil.

  • Mulching helps your plants to grow healthy and strong. Preventing weeds and therefore allowing the plants can get the nutrients and space they need to grow well.

  • Mulching your garden beds keeps sunlight out minimizing evaporation. This helps retain water and keep moisture at the plant roots.

  • Plant roots, which would be sensitive to temperature fluctuation are better insulated.

  • Mulch protects soil from rain and wind erosion.

  • Increases the winter survival of plants


An advanced straw mulch combined with tackifier to create a physical bond to protect seed and prevent erosion. This lightweight easy to spread straw is pH neutral and certified organic and weed free to provide optimal growing conditions.                

The advantages of AG Straw Mulch include:

Long lasting decomposition

AG Straw Mulch key trait is its slower decompose compared to traditional mulches, which is of paramount importance to their ability to provide long-lasting soil protection, effective soil carbon building and residual weed control.

Neutral pH

AG Straw Mulch neutral pH helps plant growth because it determines the availability of essential plant nutrients. Unlike acidic mulches such as pine bark, pine needles and peat moss which have a 3.5 to 4.5. pH making certain nutrients become less available, phosphorus in particular, while other nutrients, like aluminum and manganese, can become toxic. Acidic pH levels are also unwelcoming to beneficial soil bacteria.

Optimal particle size distribution

AG Straw Mulch is cut to ¾ inch minus particle size. This size distribution provides an effective layering to reduce weed growth and evaporation while providing optimal oxygen to soil exchange. Unlike chunky wood mulch that typically provides less cross layering and much greater porosity.

Holds moisture 

AG Straw Mulch is natural in color and contains no harmful dyes. Its light color absorbs considerably less incoming solar radiation than dark soils or dyed mulches. This advantage keeps soil temperatures more consist throughout the day while reducing moisture evaporation.

High carbon to nitrogen ratio to enhance soil microbes and improve soil profile 

AG Straw Mulch has a C:N ratio approximately 100-225:1. When the high carbon mulch is applied to the soil surface the microbes feed on the carbonaceous material and gradually increase in population. This process also temporary immobilizes N which can play a very effective role in suppressing weeds.

Reduced disease risk

AG Straw Mulch is safer to apply on plants than woody of other cereal straw mulches. Wood mulches have been known to carry pathogens that can affect plants. Cereal straw is a common host for fusarium which can also present plant health problems.   

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