Why Choose AGgrow Bedding?

AGgrow Bedding – produced from FREEDOM® Giant Miscanthus – is an all-natural, sustainably grown fiber that provides high bedding performance. Soft material characteristics create comfort for your animal while being up to 3 times more absorbent than alternatives.

Local farms, local farmers

    • Small Bags, Super Sacks and Bulk loads available for Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas
    • AGgrow Bedding is a Mississippi Farm to Farm and Farm to Shelf Product – Support your local farms
    • AGgrow Bedding is also produced in the states of GA, IA, MD, NC, OK, and WI


    • Very long lasting
    • More weight per bale/bag vs. traditional flake shavings of similar size
    • Less settling vs. traditional flake shavings
    • Less material removed during muck out
    • Longer intervals possible between switch-outs
    • Banks easily

High carbon to nitrogen ratio

    • Composts very well
    • University Tested


    • 100% of the product is grown and produced by farmers
    • Farm chopped to consistent specification
    • No sticky sap and resin
    • No hard bark chips


    • Certified Sustainably Grown Super Fiber
    • We grow, harvest, and package the product
    • Up to 3 times more absorbent vs. traditional flake shavings
    • SCS Global and USDA certifications

Environmentally Friendly Plant and Material

    • Giant Miscanthus is grown to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a C4, perennial crop that is extremely efficient
    • Very low fertilizer inputs required
    • Sequesters more carbon per acre per year vs. pine plantation

Testing has shown high absorption, a considerably lower microbiological load average and softer material characteristics.

Equestrian Bedding

Animal Bedding

Available in:

2 Cubic Foot Compressed Bags
  • 28 lbs. each
  • Expands to 6 to 8 cubic feet
  • Ships as
    • 1 bag
    • 50 bags per pallet
    • 1300 bags per trailer load
80 Cubic Foot Supersack
  • 650 lbs. each
  • Ships as
    • 1 bag
    • 26 bags per pallet
100+ yard Bulk Trailer Load
  • 12-18 tons each load