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About US

AGgrow Tech is headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., with production in North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Maryland, Oklahoma, Iowa and Wisconsin. AGgrow Tech is a leader in renewable agriculture technologies, and is committed to connecting fields of biomass to various markets. The company’s proprietary establishment technologies and novel business model enables farmers, landowners and customers to realize the value of biomass crops.

For the last five years, AGgrow Tech has established itself as a leader in renewable biomass production. AGgrow Tech’s products are derived primarily from Giant Miscanthus grass, a high-yielding, low-input and drought-tolerant perennial that revitalizes the soil. The proprietary planting and grow techniques utilized by AGgrow Tech generates more crop per acre while improving the environment. The company’s agriculture-based production can be utilized in a variety of markets including bio-power (both liquid and solid fuels), geotextiles, absorbents and animal bedding.


Advanced Animal Bedding that is highly absorbent, free of mycotoxins and provides great thermal benefits.

A renewable fuel source custom delivered to meet our clients needs.

Affordable and effective Sorbents & Spill Control products derived from our renewable grass fibers.

Socks & Pillows, For Heavy Metals, Oil, Debris, Sediment, For Storm Drains, Culverts, and Ditches

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300 North Greene St.
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